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While You Were Away, Shit Got Real

I went down to the courthouse today to honor my jury summons. For those of you who don't live in Santa Cruz or haven't driven down Water street in the last 42 days, Occupy Santa Cruz is camped in the adjacent park and has erected a rather large geodesic dome. You have to walk by (at least) the camp the get to the jury assembly room.


I'm thinking about starting up my podcast again and my friend Zeronatural clued me into this new service for sharing tunes:

That link above will take you to my dropbox where you can deposit a song (or any old weird sound) and I'll include it in a podcast when I've accumulated enough songs to rock steady. Btw, the service is free and seems like a good place to share music if you are producing (hint, hint).

Wrap Your Head(er) Around HTML 5

If you have landed here, it's likely you are trying to get a bead on the next best thing since tabbed browsing. You also, like me, may have looked for explanations around the web and come up frustrated. One of the best ways I learn about new specifications and software is by seeing them in action. If I can see it built from the ground up and what it's supposed to do, I get a better handle on the concepts at hand.
Note: If you would like to see some examples of HTML 5/CSS 3, try this site.

This tutorial at net tuts+ lays out in very clear terms what is new in HTML 5 while showing some styling tricks to
get CSS 3 to work some magic in select browsers. From the doctype declaration to rounded corners (a long-time struggle for designers) to
making striped lists & required fields in forms – it's all so much easier. For the average user, everything can look a lot prettier and
function more cleanly, not to mention the interactive capabilities.

Looks like they upped their game

So I'm raising mine. Yes, I'm talking about the comment spammers again. Got a security update and made the captcha harder to read by machine. They seem to want to play a game, though, and it seems slightly interesting. I mean, really, how does anyone make money with this tactic. No one comes to this site or reads an article, much less the damn comments. So I can only imagine it's someone messing with me.

My sitch

Just a little update. I am still alive. I've been swamped with work and moving, hence my disappearance from the metaverse.

Also, I really don't like the hassle of dealing with captcha on other sites, but so far it's blocked 4263 fraudulent form submissions from the turkeys that filled my site with advertising comments & blasted my inbox last month. Thank you, Drupal programmers!

Sorry for the Captchas

Unfortunately some jerk (or jerk army) has decided to spam the hell out of my humble little site by exploiting my open policy of allowing all comments and email to flow freely. So now I'm asking you to input some image text, add some numbers or answer a silly question. I hope this is no great hardship and that it doesn't stop you from leaving notes about my writing or sending me an email or two.

Help Me Honor a Great Man

Originally uploaded by revraikes.

I was recently contacted by Mass Giorgini, a kind of real-life Buckaroo Banzai, who lives, teaches and produces music in my hometown. He and his brother, Flav (a punk-rock heavyweight & generally great human), grew up in the same tiny neighborhood as me.

Their family was the only other "weird" one on the block, other than mine. Like my mother, their father Aldo was an artist. The familiar smells of paint and thinner permeating their basement reminded me of home. Not to mention that Aldo was very nice to me. He was that way with everyone.
When his sons got into punk music, he stood by their efforts to start an all-ages club where local and touring bands could play - the only one for miles. And, no matter how freaky you looked, Aldo still treated you like a human.
Aldo passed much too early for those that loved him. He is now being honored at

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